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Naira export is Nigeria’s number one import and export forum. These are Group of mini importers and exporters who have decided to come together to share ideas in order to excel in each individual’s capacity and as well succeed as a group. Here we share idea’s of our failure and success in order to improve further to achieve individual/collective goals and objective. The main objective for this forum or group is all about making member to succeed in both imports and exports of goods and services.



To teach as many Nigerians as we can, how to import and export goods both online and offline in other to create thousands of millionaires’ in just few months.


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Importation is as vast as human nature. But the good aspect of the business in that anyone can venture into it and make tons of money either as a full time or part time business. The business does not require your presence neither does it require 100% of your effort except you want to go into it as a full time business then, you must give it all it takes. Ninety five percent of mini importers sells their goods online and five percent offline which makes the business good for anyone because it does not require your presence all the time. All you need to do is just market your product online people will order and you ship to them. Naira export forum is just a forum where people learn how to go about their import and export business. Once you join the forum be rest assured that your life will never remain the same except if you are not focus and determine to succeed. In the forum lectures comes up every week but you can as well learn from other members who are already into import and export business. You can at any time ask questions and it will be entertained accordingly either by your coach or other members who have had similar experience. Registration is just Two Thousand (N2000) and naira export pays you One thousand four hundred (N1,400) for every member you introduce into the forum you see, it is all about helping ourselves and service to humanity.
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Exportation is basically best thing that anyone can engage his or her self into and make good money because of the devaluation of our currency. The good aspect of export is that you received your money in hard currency. In Nigeria any business that pays in hard currency is a good business because of the devaluation of naira, one dollar is almost five hundred naira in exchange. The best way to start export business is in a small quantity and in Nigeria they are many things one can export and make good money things like bitter kola, ginger, foodstuffs, eg. Cray fish, dry pepper, smoke fish, bitter leaf, melon seed (Egusi) etc. Because we are goal oriented in naira export forum we will focus our attention on things that an ordinary Nigeria can export easily with a little startup capital things like foodstuff, Ginger, Bitter Kola etc. What you will learn as a member of Naira export forum.
i. ABC of mini Exportation of foodstuffs and raw materials
ii. How to tap into exportation business as a beginner
iii. Requirements for starting mini exportation of foodstuffs.
iv. Product sourcing and quality control strategy
v. How source for buyer. The best way to get buyers of your product.
vi. Packaging, shipping and payment.
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i. You earn One thousand four hundred naira (N1,400) for every member that registered through your link or user name. some members make over 50k and above monthly just by pasting their link on the facebook pages and people clicking on it and get registered.
ii. You will make new friends who will impact your life positively because every member of naira export has vision.
iii. You will market and sell your products on our platform free of charge, we are complete we care about your success.
iv. For those with little startup capital you will enjoy what we call (groupage) which allows you to buy and ship your goods from abroad at the cheapest rate.

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